5th iMARECULTURE Newsletter


We are pleased to inform you that iMARECULTURE project was awarded as the H2020 Cultural project with Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development, during the Workshop about Digital Cultural Heritage in H2020, organized by the REA B3 Cultural Heritage Team. During the Workshop the best CH projects had the opportunity to present research done under H2020 framework and an independent committee from acknowledged experts, including a representative of UNESCO, decided to nominate the award to iMARECULTURE. This award comes as a recognition of the hard work done by each and every member from the team of the partners. At the same time it give us the incentive to finalize the applications in the best possible way, with the hope that you will enjoy them and bring you closer to world’s underwater cultural heritage.

The previous six-month period was devoted in application development, testing and demonstrating. Since now all necessary information and data are gathered, pilot applications of VR immersive visits to submerged cultural heritage and advanced evaluation helps improving the experience and build upon the initial concept. Two serious games are at their final stage. One June 2019, the second period of underwater tests for the AR applications were conducted in Baia, Italy, gathering again many data and valuable comments for improvements and modifications for the last version of the application to be tested on September 2019.

The publicity of the project increases with invited demonstrations in many events around Europe. Storytelling, which will highlight the educational aspect of our applications, is ready and already integrated into the dry visit applications. In this newsletter scientific publications and upcoming events are also reported.

As the project is entering the last phase, i would like to welcome you to the final event which will be open to public and is being organized in Thalassa Museum at Ag. Napa, Cyprus. Visitors will have the opportunity to have personalized dry visits in the project’s test sites, interacting with a cinematic Holographic screen and VR glasses. You may read more in (link to the corresponding subject)

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On behalf of the iMARECULTURE team,

The coordinator.