Advanced VR, iMmersive serious games and Augmented
REality as tools to raise awareness and access to
European underwater CULTURal heritagE

Project’s i-MareCulture scope is to raise public awareness of European identity by focusing in maritime cultural heritage, which by default bridges different civilizations. In particular, i-MareCulture aims in bringing inherently unreachable underwater cultural heritage within digital reach of the wide public by implementing virtual visits, serious games with immersive technologies and underwater augmented reality. Scope of the project is to design, analyze, develop and validate pioneer applications and systems in the context of Virtual Museums through collaborative and innovative research from a diverse group of scientists, researchers, archaeologists, experts and museums.

​The project i-MareCulture is unique, innovative and promising, contributing fully to the H2020 Framework and the Digital Agenda for Europe, a H2020 initiative, for New Skills and Jobs. In addition, this project abides by the EU’s strategy to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy by implementing the knowledge triangle by connecting the Education, Research and Industry by supporting and boosting innovative enterprise to develop their technological breakthroughs into viable products in the area of Virtual Museums and Digital Heritage, with real commercial potential.

Project releases

iMARECULTURE will release free to the public the following tools and games.
Seafarers Game50%
Dry Visits70%
3D Libraries of ships90%
3D Libraries of Amphorae50%
VR Excavation Game50%
Dry Visit Baiae20%
Dry Visit Xlendi20%
Dry Visit Mazotos30%
Navigation Algorythm70%
3D Puzzles30%

Upcoming Events

28 September 2018
Limassol, Cyprus
Researcher’s Night 2018. The project will participate with VR demos and other presentations in Lanitis Carob Mill Complex in Limassol.

5-6 November of 2018
Rome, Italy
General Assembly Meeting of the project.

12-15 November of 2018
Vienna, Austria
Participation with oral presentation and VR demos during the exhibition in 16th EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage.

15-16 November of 2018
Brussels, Belgium
The Fair of European Innovators in Cultural Heritage. The project will be there both days with VR demos.

2-3 May 2019
Limassol, Cyprus
2nd International ISPRS/CIPA Workshop UNDERWATER 3D RECORDING & MODELLING: A tool for modern applications and CH recording