General Description

The 3D puzzles that are available here by the iMARECULTURE project include 3D models of amphorae and ships for 3D printing at home. The artefacts of the 3D puzzle are models of an existing – already exhibited at a museum – amphorae or ship. These 3D puzzles are enabling the users to play with them and create personalized experiences pre and after the visit to the museum.


Available 3D puzzles

The printable 3D model of Kyrenia Ship
This 3D model of a late Classical ship was inspired of what we know from the archaeological record. There are several versions of this reconstructed vessel, available in different formats. The outline of the present model was developed based on J. Richard Steffy’s drawings, with kind permission of Susan Katzev. However, it has been modified in order be 3D printed easily at home. For the detailed 3D model of the Kyrenia Ship please visit here

Xlendi Amphorae
Exploration of the first layer of Xlendi ship amphorae revealed a mixed cargo consisting of items from both Western Phoenicia and the Tyrrhenian-area, which both match the period ranging from between the end of the 8th and the first half of the 7th centuries BC. This makes it the oldest known wreck in the western Mediterranean and contemporary to the early days of Carthage and the first Greek settlements in the West.

Mazotos Amphorae
The cargo amphorae of the Mazotos ship came from the island of Chios (Chian amphorae), in the Aegean, and carried the island’s wine, which was famous in antiquity for its good quality. Chios exported wine in large quantities, packed in amphorae, for a period of 500 years, from the 6th to the 2nd century BC. Today, the empty containers are found on land and underwater sites, such as the Mazotos shipwreck.

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