Press conference for promoting the Kyrenia interactive digital story

At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo, University of Sarajevo on 9th June 2017 a press conference was held, promoting the first outcome of Bosnian team in H2020 iMARECULTURE project, interactive digital story about a ship which sunk around 288. BC close to Kyrenia, Cyprus.

This interactive story is a pilot application for the new interactive digital storytelling method created by interdisciplinary team of experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina called hyper-storytelling. The importance and historical information on the Kyrenia ship, An important archaeological discovery, was presented through 6 stories and interactive virtual model of the ship.

The media has covered this press conference through two interviews with Prof. Selma Rizvic, coordinator of the Bosnian iMARECULTURE team and some online articles.

Interdisciplinary team of experts from Bosnia and Herzegovina