Dr Selma Rizvic Presenting iMARECULTURE at the International Forum on Virtual Archaeology

Dr Selma Rizvic from University of Sarajevo is presenting the H2020 iMARECULTURE project storytelling at the International Forum on Virtual archaeology – 2018

Interesting discussions at @CrossCult_H2020

Interesting discussions at @CrossCult_H2020 and @emotive_eu workshop ! @imareculture participates together with @Wholodance_EU @Pluggy_Eu @InceptionEu @ArchAIDEproject @ArchesEU @GIFT_itu @DigiArtEU

Simulation of Underwater Excavation Using Dredging Procedures

New article of iMARECULTURE "Simulation of Underwater Excavation Using Dredging Procedures" from our partners in HCI Lab of Masaryk University

iMARECULTURE continues to inspire the NewGeneration

iMARECULTURE continues to inspire the NewGeneration with yet another presentation by the coordinator Dr. D.Skarlatos to high school science club students

Image enhancement process tool

iMARECULTURE project has released the image enchancement tool that implements five state of the art algorithms aimed to enhance the quality of underwater images. The newlly released tool is available for downloading

12 Month iMARECULTURE Newsletter

The new Newsletter of iMARECULTURE project is ready and available online

ISPRS Society Newsletter

The new newsletter of ISPRS Society refers to iMARECULTURE

CIPA Heritage Documentation Newsletter

The new newsletter of CIPA Heritage Documentation is mentioning iMARECULTURE

Press conference for promoting the Kyrenia interactive digital story

At the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Sarajevo, University of Sarajevo on 9th June 2017 a press conference was held, promoting the first outcome of Bosnian team in H2020 iMARECULTURE project, interactive digital story about a ship which sunk around 288....

​First tests of the Underwater Augmented Reality Tablet of iMARECULTURE project

On May 13, 2017, the Underwater Augmented Reality Dehazing tool was tested using a Nvidia Shield tablet. Tests were performed in order to check and evaluate whether the dehazing improves the target detection and tracking performance or not. Tests were...


The iMARECULTURE project, and some initial results, have been presented to 3DOM group in FBK, Trento, Italy, 5th May. 3D Optical Metrology group, is active and has interest in underwater & maritime photogrammetry, which iMARECULTURE exploits to create 3D site...

Colloqium talk

Colloqium talk at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
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